Our Story

Hello all you lovely people!

We are a fun-loving shoe company that aims to bring you the BEST quality and most unusual shoes (and some other accessories).

How we started.

We noticed that there was a serious gap in South Africa's market - it was really hard to find good quality shoes, and it was also really hard to find anything different from the norm. If you have a look in most upper-market shoe stores, the shoes are for the most part quite dull and all tend to look quite similar. As for high heels, they are TREMENDOUSLY painful to walk in and, in our humble opinion, are only bearable to walk in once you've had a few drinks. Additionally, here in South Africa there are many local and imported shoe brands/stores (no names mentioned) that are fairly expensive, but are simply not as good quality as one would expect when paying that much money for them. No one wants a pair of shoes to start breaking after spending a few thousand rands on them.

After realising that there really wasn't anything exciting to choose from we decided to start bringing in brands with a bit more life in them - and most importantly - shoes that are COMFORTABLE as well as DURABLE.

Sure, comfort and durability are very important, but who wants to wear an ugly, comfortable and durable shoe when you have the opportunity to wear an awesome-looking one? This is, basically, how That Shoe Lady came to be.

Enjoy browsing our online store - we update the store at least once a month with new stock :) Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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