Your Visa to Anywhere

Our borders might be closed but your imagination isn’t. So why pay for travel when you can travel the world through our POP shoe collection. If you have ever wanted to go on a trip to Africa, Europe or even Australia while then TSL has a great fitting shoe for your travel. Just read on and discover which shoe will take you to your ideal holiday destination. 

 The African Sun:

Central Africa is a place with such divine beauty within it, however, this beauty is lost as people are not always looking in the right place. If you were to think of Africa, it could be a given that your thoughts drift to a landscape of dryness and openness. Although this is not the case because there are so many exciting outings to go on in the Congo. For your first day out, you should buckle up your Congo Weave Green Tan ankle strap as you venture out to see the orphaned gorillas at Sekwekwe. The Senkwekwe Mountain Gorilla Centre was built in 2010 and their aim is to be a safe haven for gorilla’s who were victimised by poachers and traffickers. Then on your second day, you could slip into a pair of your Congo Weave Cream White whilst you enjoy a relaxed day on the beach whilst catching the summer’s day rays. On your third and last night, you can escape to the Tchegera Island which is just off the northern shore of Lake Kivu in the DRC. Whilst you are soaking up the last bit of the African sun in your Congo White Yellow Stripe you can enjoy the beauty of the island which consists of multi-colour birdlife, croc-free swimming water and the breathtaking views. 


It seems that your travel in the Congo has come to an end but not to worry because your journey has just started as we still have the whole of Europe to explore. So sit back, close those eyes and think about the next destinations that are planned. We should be arriving shortly.

Ancient Greece:

Ooof, let's hope you won’t be too jet-lagged, that 12-hour flight is going to be so worth it because you are going to be in Greece for your next leg of the holiday.  To be more specific you'll be spending your first week in lovely Naxos, one of the largest Cyclades islands. This holiday is going to be full of fun activities such as strolling through abandoned towns, to walking along the beach, to exploring the local forests and gazing at sunsets. 

On Monday we recommend taking the day as slow as possible so that you can catch a break after your flight by relaxing next to the poolside whilst wearing a pair of your Naxos White Turquoise Floral. Then for a little throwback Tuesday, you should visit “The Temple of Apollo” that was constructed in 530 BC and happens to be Naxos most popular landmark. Now that we are mid-week, we recommend a visit the Capital of Naxos, Charo where you’ll be able to stroll around in the Naxos White Turquoise Floral since the day will be full of shopping at the local market and should be done in comfort. 

Considering it is Thursday and you had planned to visit one of the prettiest villages islands called Apiranthos, the Naxos Black Floral Tapestry would be a great fit for this outing. These sandals give off a little vintage look with the black and white colour scheme. Now that you have a shoe that matches the historical adventure you are setting out on, you will be able to wander down the narrow marble-paved streets in style whilst admiring the architecture and museums.