From Summer to Autumn with Jeffrey Campbell

We have loved our shoe fashion this summer season but as the days get a little cooler and the sun starts to go down earlier then we know that we are transitioning into the autumn shoe fashion season. We are excited to be adding to our summer wardrobe by introducing our autumn collection which includes shoes that have richer colour tones, suede and leather boots. Whether you live in heels all year-round or just prefer to style out outfits with slip-on sandals, we are here to help you find your dream pair of shoes for autumn.

Colourful Heel Collection

The Brads’ were a great addition to your summer shoe collection. For example, the Brad-JS Nude was the type of heel that would shimmer and shine, whether out for brunch with a group of friends or enjoying the day out wine tasting! Then we had the Brad Beige Crocs, a simple yet elegant heel that was best when matched with a flowy summer’s day dress that you could have worn to dinner parties or just a romantic date night out with your babe. The Brad’s were definitely a rage this summer and added a glam element to any of your outfits. 

The Shimmer Collection

Sheer sparkle is what dreams are made out of and that is why our Jema’s, Elina and Venize are part of your dreams! Just having a look at the Jema and the Venize, you can see that they would have been great to walk in. Both of them offer you a level of comfort and were a must-have in your wardrobe. These sandals could transform any casual look into semi-casual attire because of the posh look they give off. However, if you wanted more of a semi-casual to formal look then you should have looked at the Elina. This kitten heel sandal would have been a cute heel to wear for a fancy dinner date or for drinks with friends.

Strappy Kitten Heels