Cats Vs Dogs

Cat ladies love peace and quiet and tend to be more creative while dog lovers are here for the busyness (hello, how hectic is a game of catch?) and prefer working in corporate spaces. If you’re a bi-PETual, you have the best of both worlds!

If you’re a feline enthusiast all the way, then add the meow factor to your outfit by wearing your heart on your sleeve (or sock):

Some say cats are the best bedtime company so why not let them snuggle with you? Whether they twirl around your calves or stay wrapped around your ankles, for those who want a fuzzier fury friend, our thick socks give the feeling your shivery toes desire. We also have our paws set on those who don’t want to toss the foot fashion in summer - our lighter socks easily pairable with brogues or sandals. Whatever the breed, we’ve got you and your ankles covered at That Shoe Lady

Dogs are known to give the best couch cuddles, so you could be curling up with a good book or hooked on a horror while having your best friend with you too. If you’re in your sweatpants and tee, why would you not show off your bright-coloured character socks? And just like dogs, there is a pair for every personality!

“Dogs come when they are called, cats take a message and get back to you later.”

But if you’re one who seeks a fury companion for life - then sit back and browse through our breed of pups collection on our Sock Page.

“Dogs have owners, cats have staff.”

Picture the puuurfect Sunday afternoon where the wind’s howling and it is raining cats and dogs - which pet would you choose to snuggle with? Which of these pets mirrors your personality more? Maybe you're a dog whisperer or a certified (and appropriate) cat caller.

If you’re not sure which one you are, we’ll throw you a bone, so you can do a quick check.

DOG People

CAT People

Work better as a pack… Go ahead, call them a wolfpack.

Want things done as they want, so why not do it alone?

Sorry, but what is a small social circle?

Nap time is next on the list after being around too many sassy personalities

They’re always on time. Just like dogs, they don’t wait a while before doing anything.

Creep up on you when you a few minutes before or after being expected.


If our trendy and cute pet-featured socks have you ispired, then take a visit to one of these amazing local rescues: Tears Animal Rescue | Darg Domestic Animal Rescue Group | Oscars Arc.


There`s a dog person i know ,they`re not ALWAYS on time.Anyway I`m a cat person ,definitely will do things alone to get it done , and as I want it done ;) Just so by the way....I`m a cat QUEEN ,and keep my circle small ,that`s how I like it :):)

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Cat ladies love peace and quiet and tend to be more creative while dog lovers are here for the busyness (hello, how hectic is a game of catch?) and prefer working in corporate spaces. run 3 free

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