7 Reasons Why You Should Shop At TSL

Forget conformity! Why not take a step into something different and unique, slip your foot into something daring or romantic! TSL inspires whoever wears their iconic range of footwear. Here’s why TSL is one of the best shoe stores in Cape Town.

1. Unique Product 

100% Quality over Quantity!

 Trying to find quality designer shoes in South Africa with a unique twist is probably one of the hardest things to do on the shoe-finding task list. Also, South Africans largely have to go through a considerable amount of effort to get their hands on good quality brands. Look no further, TSL is here to help!! Providing womxn with an INCREDIBLE selection of exciting styles. 

Whether you are shopping in stores or online, your choice is boundless at TSL. Versatility is one of our proudest features. The best part is that whether you’re buying boots or loafers, the season won’t stop your shoe selection. How’s that for a perfect strut!? 

2. Great Staff & Customer Experience

TSL staff consist of strong, independent women who are empowered within themselves and, therefore, bring that element to your shopping experience. The ladies personalise their relationship with each one of our customers to bring comfort, understanding of your own personal style and help you even when you’re, perhaps, trying to change your wardrobe or just looking for a shoe to add to your collection. Walk in and feel right at home. Enjoy the music while you try on different styles in the stores, walk around while choosing another pair until you find the perfect pair. It’s like visiting the hairdresser and chatting up a storm but with shoes :D.

Be it in store or online, we strive for excellent customer experiences and relationships. Let’s be honest, at the end of the day you are the one walking away with the shoes, and if you are not happy, we won’t be either. 

We want to make sure that you are well taken care of, so your feedback and reviews count ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

TSL also tries to educate their customers about the brand’s they stock and how to take care of the products that you have purchased with us. We have an amazing team behind the scenes that also ensures great customer satisfaction. The TSL team is a group of well trained staff that is always more than willing to go the extra mile and keep the smiles on your faces :)


3. Wide Selection - Brands You Can’t Get Anywhere In SA But TSL

TSL is now recognised as the only company in South Africa affiliated with the Dr. Martens brand and stocks the widest range of Jeffrey Campbell’s in the country. With our wide variety of different styles and colourways you are bound to find something you LOVE.  We dare you to have a look and not find something!! The styles and colours are endless...

4. Women Empowerment In The Workplace

Not only do we predominantly sell shoes for women, but 98% of TSL employees are women and it is because of this that women empowerment is very important to us. Our focus is on inspiring each individual in their respective roles, focusing on their strengths, their weaknesses, opportunities to up-skill, etc. This way we know that when womxn come and shop in our stores we have a team of women empowering other womxn to walk as tall in their respective roles outside the walls of TSL. 

Empowering women in business and the workplace should not start and stop on International Women’s Day (to take it a step further) or even Mother’s Day. The way that progress can truly be made for any critical movement requires attention throughout the year, not just specific days that are celebrated in the diaspora. Think about the last time you attended a women’s only event... The diversity, the inclusion, the fairness, the equality. Imagine having that every day in your workplace?  If the last memory that pops into your mind is March 2016, consider it your new priority.


As women we like to be reminded of the value we bring to the table. Therefore, it is important to us to hear and know that we are respected for who we are and that we are hired for our unique skills-sets, dedication, and strong work ethic. At times it takes putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to know what they’re really going through. It’s not enough to affirm from the outside in. For instance, if you’re a female employer, you don’t know how a coworker internally processes situations and what they’ve encountered personally that could be affecting their work, equally, as employee’s, sometimes you don’t know how your female employer could be handling work pressures. 


In a number of corporations today, we see that women are largely underrepresented so it is very important to be driven to empower each other when working with a womxn, for a womxn and have a company run by women. 

There are a number of organisations in our local communities that we can always plug into to offer our sincerest help and gain knowledge from regarding their areas of focus. That way, we are not only providing help, but we are also fueling the fire to another womxn’s gas as they are for us and spending valuable time towards something worthwhile - something that is easily overlooked in the world at large.

 In short, womxn must always stand by each other and lift each other up regardless of their positions and places in life and that is one of our main focuses at TSL.

We would like to hear of your empowering stories, as well as plug in where we can help, so share with us your empowering stories and let us know how, we can, in return offer some of our best help too. Different feedback will help us realize how much of a difference we as womxn can make to our communities. :)


5. Support Local

Local womxn, for local business :). There are far-reaching advantages of deciding to shop local. In such a volatile environment, local businesses count on your patronage in order to stay afloat.. So when deciding where to spend your hard-earned rand on tonight’s dinner or a gift for a friend, consider the benefits of turning to local, independently owned businesses to make the transaction.

By supporting local businesses, you are, in turn, promoting the local economy. 

In addition to help build the local economy, there are also notable intangible benefits that come from supporting businesses in your local communities.

  1. Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbours! (how’s that for support!?) They care about and are invested in the well-being of your community and its future.

  2. Local businesses are more accountable to their communities and 9 times out of 10 find that they are mostly involved to donate a percentage of the money they make to local non-profits.

  3. Local businesses often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies, so supporting them promotes the good they do for the environment.

It isn’t always the easiest or most convenient option to visit a local independent business rather than a large national chain that has been running for years and has earned itself a great reputation. However, for places like Cape Town,  there are numerous local businesses you can support like;

  1. Considering a local restaurant for lunch or dinner

  2. Purchase a Gift Card for a birthday / anniversary present at TSL

  3. Buy locally produced clothing

  4. Visit a local nursery or hardware store for your lawn and garden needs

  5. Get your car serviced at a local mechanic

  6. Visit farmer’s markets to purchase the ingredients for your family dinner. 

So the next time you need to run out for some groceries or do a little shopping, seek out a local business and see what they have to offer!  You could discover some great products and services while helping to build a strong and successful community around you.

Locally owned businesses help our country with the large unemployment rate through employment opportunities and, in some sectors, provide better opportunities, equal benefits than larger corporations would.


6. Special And Pre-Orders

Special orders are tailored to meet your immediate wants, which you can thank us later for :). How this works is that we, literally, special order a specific style in one of our brands that we might not have or are out of stock in, just for you!!

 Our pre-order option, allows you as our valued customer to reserve a new style, size or your favourite shoe restocked in advance so it doesn’t get sold out when it hits our stores. We'll ship it to you when they arrive at our warehouse or you can collect at one of our local stores closest to you. You'll receive a Shipping Confirmation email with tracking as soon as it's on the way.


7. Payment Methods

Our payment options include:


Credit card

Instant EFT




We do lay-Bys in- store, so you can always reserve that special pair of shoes if you’re a bit tight on cash like we all are during this difficult time but nonetheless TSL has got your back ;) 


Yours in shoes, TSL <3



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