Remember the Scott’s Emulsion song “Clothes are just right not too tight, but now they don’t fit me at all why?... (Fast forward to) Growing, growing up and growing up.. Well, take that and apply it to seasonal changes, trends, colours, sources of inspiration, how you change as a person, don’t feel the same anymore, what you liked yesterday is not what you will like today - I could go on, the list is endless. The same applies to shoes. Yes, even during a global crisis, trends are still prominently changing. The world may be at a standstill, but change is still happening. So, TSL is here to help you gain some intel on the latest and greatest footwear -  2020 edition. :)
Talk about a silver lining! 

What to look out for!

Comfort. Style. Practicality.
If you’re not yet back at the office or alternating between working from home and working in the office, comfort is probably more realistic for you as you’re probably in the office for fewer hours than before or just needing to look the part for a Zoom meeting, right? For some of us, actually dressing up from head to toe helps boost our confidence a little to add value to those meetings.  Maybe, you just miss dressing up and you’re finding ways to bump up your look to match your selection of masks lol. I’d like to think date nights are still a thing, whether you’re quarantined with your partner or not. Call me old school, but the shoes were the completion for that date night outfit, so let’s keep it that way, yes? 

Whatever the reason, we’re all trying to live life again -  from ---- over ---- here. Haha 

So for your convenience, we’ve got some good selections that match the current 2020 climate. Some of the trends might overlap with one another, but that’s okay, you might find a two-in-one! ;)

 Here are our top 5 footwear trends that you have to try - that’s if you haven’t cancelled 2020 yet.

  1. 1. Platform Shoes

When we talk platforms, we no longer just refer to elaborate heels. Now you can maintain an edgy or casual look with platform sneakers or sandals. 

How things change...

This trend has found its way to all shoe styles you can think of; flip-flops, sandals, sneakers, sliders - you name it! Talk about real convenience!!!

2. Slides

Slides have become the latest comfy platform shoe. They are open-toed style shoes with either one strap over the foot or two, they can be backless or have straps on the heel of the foot, you may find flat slides too  and unlike flip flops, slides don’t have that Y strap. We love this trend because, well, comfort and style - best combination. What’s nice about this style of shoe is that you can easily grab a pair to get into at the end of a long day in heels or quickly wanting to go from daytime to night-time without losing that daytime edge. Maybe coming from the beach and catching a sundowner with friends. Then there’s the platform sneaker, which might remind some of us that are not well beyond the years (haha) of the Buffalo trend during the mid 90’s into the early 2000’s. 

3. Loafers

If you are looking for shoes that are a little more formal, loafers are your go-to :). These shoes have been around for ages, but they are making their much-anticipated comeback. Loafers are often made from leather and got their name from simply being shoes that you can slip into and go, perfect for people who like avoiding extra work, like tying shoelaces!!!! These babies make any outfit go from casual to a more formal look easily. The clear style loafers also give any outfit an eclectic look. 

4. 90's Plastic Style

We love it when an old trend makes a comeback, especially trends from the 90's! A popular look making a comeback this year is the plastic see-through shoes - often in a variety of colours, in different styles, heels, flats, sandals, etc. Plastic shoes are a fun blast from the past! They literally go with ANY outfit - especially the clear ones with no colour. Remember ‘baby doll’ shoes from your childhood? Cher Horowitz from Clueless? All those classic 90’s vibes rolled into one. 

Yes, this trend can definitely stay. :)

5. Square Toes

You may have noticed a lot of shoe styles in shops now have square toes, this is also another cool trend from the 90s. Square toes are not limited to the style of shoe, though you may see our sandal collection below, there are a range of boots with square toes taking strides in the fashion industry.  This trend took social media by storm during autumn of last year and has definitely spiked by the amazing help of influencers. Square-toed shoes are gracing stores and we are thrilled to be one of their hosts :)!

 Keep them blasts from the past coming. We are here for it! 

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I like the loafers defently the most. If you need some light check it out!

I always prefer platform shoes when I'm going to University to write my coursework in the library. The reason for giving preference to it is that I feel comfortable and in coursework writing, I have to spend a lot of time in the library and don't feel pain in my foot when I come to my home.

These pair of shoes are all awesome, I loved especially white pair. I have got this reference from the magazine of Online Assignment Help UK which is much popular in the UK territory. 

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I just brought a pair of slides and a platform recently. Looks like I have a pretrt good sense of fashion  :)

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